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Gateway to Peace relies on the support of community members to keep its program going. We estimate that each Peace Museum event costs approximately $80.00 per event hour, which means that an eight hour (full-day) event will cost the Museum $640. However, our goal is to provide our program to schools and community organizations free of charge. We cannot do this without the help of generous individuals like you!

It's easy to contribute - just use the secure Pay Pal account below to make a donation.

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Gateway to Peace has hosted events in over 35 schools in 21 districts throughout Missouri and Illinois and we are always looking for new schools with which to share our program.

The Gateway to Peace Museum is free of charge for site visits in the St. Louis Metro Area. However, as a non-profit organization, we do depend upon donations to continue our work. Your donations help us to restock craft supplies, to purchase new interactive exhibits and to defray the maintenance on the exhibits and operational expenses involved in bringing the Museum to your school.

The Museum also accepts in-kind donations.

Click here to view a list of in-kind supplies that your school could donate


GPM is free of charge to the community, but does accept donations from event sites that are able to make them. Here's an easy way for your group or school to make that donation: hold a“Pennies for Peacemaking” campaign to help raise money for supplies and travel expenses of the Museum!

If you wish for your school or organization to participate in the campaign, GPM will provide you with collection containers and a letter to copy and send home with students 3 weeks before the Museum is to visit your school. You can then determine how long you wish to run the campaign.



If the Peace Museum will need to travel outside of the St. Louis Metro Area, we ask that your school cover our milage expenses. If the travel requires an overnight stay, we also ask that your organization covers the hotel and meal expenses of our road crew (typically 2 adults). We are also happy to stay in churches, camps or at a personal residence.

For additional details on holding a Peace Museum event at your school, click on the categories below:

What does a typical Peace Museum event look like?

What does the Peace Museum Require from my school?

How do I arrange a Peace Museum Visit?


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